Thursday, 26 September 2013

CPU starts but monitor displays no signal [SOLVED]

Due to problems in the computer hardware, the display may not receive a signal when the monitor is turned on. Even though the CPU may seem to be running, there could be no display on the monitor. This could occur due to problems in the CMOS, RAM, VGA card or the cable which connects the CPU to the monitor. All components inside the computer casing are prone to dust particles which may deposit on the hardware components and prevent them from working properly. Sometimes cleaning the CMOS battery and the RAM can help solve display problems. The monitor cable and VGA should also be checked. 


I have a problem with my computer. Until a few days ago it was running normally but now, when I turn it on, the monitor displays "no signal". The cpu fan and video card fan are working fine. The casing's fan is also working fine but the monitor's LED goes blue and after a few seconds, it turns to orange and displays "no signal". I am not sure why this is happening and how the problem can be solved. I tried swapping the memory card with my new one but it still won't work. I unpluggled the keyboard, Mouse and Hard disk but it still displays "no signal". If I remove the memory card from the slot it beeps, which means the memory card slot is working fine. Can someone please help me with this problem?


You need to clean your CMOS battery which is attached with your motherboard; this is just like a watch battery and after you clean it out by rubbing it a little bit put it back in. Then clean your RAM by pulling it out and also dust off your CPU. These solutions may not be the answer though: if you are still having problems, then you must check your monitor cable and the VGA card. Once done, reassemble your CPU and it should all start working again.


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